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Winner Innovation Award EnergyDecentral 2016

RS CutMaster - The universal mobile chopper for biomass

Using animal waste for biogas production as an additional option to energy plants is a viable and economic way of saving costs and improving sustainability. Yet waste biomass needs to be processed to ensure rapid fermentation and increase the gas yields to profitable levels.

GROUP SCHUMACHER now presents a new universal biomass chopper for mobile use. The Rasspe branded RS CutMaster unit slices and processes the material in preparation of fermentation, allowing plant operators to use high-fibre horse dung and cattle manure as well as hay, straw and silage bales as input substrates in substitution for renewable energy crops (usually maize), thereby using less land for growing energy crops. This innovation offers great advantages with respect to substrate options, quality of fermentation, investment and operating costs, flexibility and work economy.

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Rasspe Systemtechnik received an AGRITECHNICA silver medal for the RS 9000 double loop knotter. Michael Flanhardt, Andreas Acimas and Andreas Hüpkes (missing on the photo: Karsten Baldsiefen), received medal and certificate from the hands of DLG's president Carl-Albrecht Bartmer (right).

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Foto: DLG Service GmbH, Frankfurt/Main

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DLG Innovation 2015 | RS 9000 Double Bow Knotter

For the first time the bow knot concept is applied in a double knotter system for big square balers. The system enables higher press densities than so far. Moreover the knotter table based on RS 9000 offers further advantages such as the utilization of thicker twine qualities and easy maintenance.

RS 9000, made by brand Rasspe, respectively the binding system based on RS 9000 realizes higher bale densities and weights with the same width of the press canal. Therewith it has positive economic effects on the work and logistic costs of the collection and transport chain in straw and hay harvesting.

The innovation is awarded with the DLG Innovation - silver medal on Agritechnica 2015:

  • 20% higher utilization of twine strength
  • Higher retention force of the binding system and therewith higher bale densities
  • Increase of higher bale weights reduce logistic costs for handling, transport and storage

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Rasspe | The brand with the pipe since 1827.

Specialist for binding technology.

The former blacksmith had begun to develop into one of the most significant parts manufacturers for the agricultural sector in the early 20th century. Today the Rasspe© brand is specialized on twine knotters for balers.
Worldwide Rasspe© single and double knotters as well as complete knotter wells are deployed in square balers of all capacities. With the compact knotter the Rasspe© brand boasts a highly innovative product for high-density balers.

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